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#Vlogmas2020 Project Files (Keynote files)

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#Vlogmas2020 Project Files (Keynote files)

Bradley Vinson - The Graphics Guru
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By special request! Get the project files from my #Vlogmas2020 daily tutorials. Fully editable and ready to go (and even with a few extras). These are great projects to get you started in creating the graphics and animations you need to enhance your videos.

Visit the #Vlogmas2020 Playlist to see all these projects in action and for directions on editing.

Day 1/7: Basic, (single-window) Overlays (static/animated)
Day 2: "CNN-style" Lower third (static)
Day 4: Magic Move Lower third (animated)
Day 5: Countdown Timer (animated)
Day 6: Magic Move Sidebar (animated)
Day 9: YouTube Thumbnail template
Day 10: YouTube Endscreen template (static)
Day 11: YouTube Endscreen template (animated)
Day 12: Dynamic topic screen (animated)
Day 13: Call-to-action buttons (animated)
Day 14: Vertical video overlays (static/animated)
Day 16: Lower third  (animated) 

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